Pegasus32 very slow on M1 Max MacBook Pro, Mac OS Monterey

  • Last Post 12 March 2022
Pat Kay posted this 29 October 2021

Hey there! 

I just picked up a new M1 Max Macbook Pro. I previously had the M1 13" Macbook pro, so I know the deal with M1 and the drivers and such.

I installed the new drivers (6.2.17) successfully on the new machine (including the reduced boot security), and my Pegasus32 R6 mounts and works just fine, except for the fact that now I'm getting about 130mb/s write and 540mb/s read speeds, where on my old M1 13" Macbook, it was 1000mb/s+ for both read and write.

This current speed definitely isn't fast enough to work from, and it's really messing up my workflow.

Is there anything I can do? Surely there has to be a problem here...

Appreciate any ideas/support!

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M Wilson posted this 12 March 2022

I have this problem as well.  I am running 6.2.17 on a MacBook Pro M1 and have very slow READ/WRITE speeds.

Has this been resolved? What steps should I take to determine the problem?


R P posted this 29 October 2021

Hi Pat,

This is the first report of issues with 6.2.17, please try installing the 6.2.16 driver and see if that helps.