Pegasus32 R6 Support Seagate 12T? (IronWolf ST12000VN0008)

  • Last Post 15 May 2020
Chris Jeon posted this 14 May 2020

We are considering migrating the disks of the currently running Pegasus 32 R6 to 12T. Seagate 10T (IronWolf ST10000VN0008) is on the support list, but 12T (IronWolf ST12000VN0008) is not. I wonder if I can use the Seagate 12T disk

Ranjith kumar posted this 15 May 2020

Hi Chris,

The drive models available in our compatibility list, are tested drive by Promise and that models were available during testing time.

Since this unit support upto 16TB drive, so you can go with 12TB of Seagate drive.

Please reach us through for quick response.


Promise Team