Pegasus32 R6 not mouting on windows boot

  • Last Post 17 October 2020
Romain Danos posted this 15 October 2020


I recently acquired à  Pegasus32 R6, everything is running fine for the moment except one little thing i don't understand.
The R6 shut itself down when i shutdown my computer (a PC actually) but when I boot it up again the R6 does not mount automatically. And I feel that it was the case in the first weeks of use. 
Everyday when i boot up I have to disconnect and connect again the thunderbolt cable so it shows up in Windows Explorer. I tried all different port and different cables but none are working.

Is it the way it's meant to work ? Is there a settings I need to activate ?

Thanks for your reply.

Ranjith kumar posted this 17 October 2020

Hi Romain,

Could you check the power saving level of the Pegasus32, if it's 0 then try to change it as 3.

Use below kb link as reference for chaning the powersaving level:

If still have an issue, then kindly reach us through


Promise Team