Pegasus32 R6 Fan running after shutdown

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Tony O'Loughlan posted this 18 July 2020

Noticing upon Mac shutdown, my P32 R6 smaller fan continues to run continously after all power off. 

Powering the physical unit off prior to shutdown doesn't casue the same issue, it's only through computer shutdown.  Connected through Thunderbolt 3.  Firmware up to date as of 19/7/2020. 

Any thoughts on how to resolve?

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W Ko posted this 06 January 2021

Hi, same thing happens to my new Promise 32 I just purchased from  The powersupply fan remains on.  Should I return this to Apple?  This unit is 1 week old.  thanks

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Ranjith kumar posted this 19 July 2020

Hi Tony,

We need to verify the report to find the issue, so could you reach us through and create a web support where you can attach the subsystem report.

Steps to save the subsystem report:


- Open promise utility

- Click subsystem information icon on the top of the Promise Utility window

- Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility

- Click on save service report button to save the subsystem report


Promise Team

Stuart Bedford posted this 05 January 2021

Hi Tony,


Did you ever fix this?

I have the same problem and I have contacted support and they deny it's a problem.



Powering the physical unit off prior to shutdown doesn't casue the same issue, it's only through computer shutdown.  Connected through Thunderbolt 3.  Firmware up to date as of 19/7/2020. 

Any thoughts on how to resolve?


Tony O'Loughlan posted this 07 August 2021

 Hi Stu & W Ko...

Nope, never did resolve this, and now starting to see further forum members experiencing the same issue.  After working with Suppport some time ago, issue was deemed as normal, and they marked it as solved.  Seems that on Mac OS, the P32 R6 sees power off as 'sleep' - unlike any other connected device!! - and the small fan will run continually.  My only workaround has been an eject and manual power off everytime I shut down.  Daisy chaining through other T3 devices also doesn't function as advertised - with irregular power cycling issues, sometimes during read/write... this unit makes me nervious, and my only stable assurance is direct connection to main device, and eject and manual power shutdown.  I still hope an updated firmware may improve the situation someday.

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 11 August 2021

Older Pegasus models have only one fan and they will go OFF when the unit is put to sleep. 

Pegasus 32 models have 2 fans in them . Here is how they work.

1. When the Mac is asleep, and Pegasus is asleep, the big fan rests, and the small fan runs. Pegasus will wake up when Mac wakes up.

2. When the shut down button or the power button is used, Pegasus powers off, both big and small fan rest. Pegasus will not wake up automatically. It will have to be restarted.


Manuel Montero Fernandez posted this 04 February 2022

Hello. I have the same problem described in P32 R8. It is clear that this is a problem that Promise does not want to solve.

Dominik Pichler posted this 05 March 2022

I have the same problem with my 32 R6 Model. This is really frustrating, considering the price of this system and having this loud fan sound all the time and no solution to this problem. Fells like working next to a loud PC from 1998. Very dissapointing!


Manuel Montero Fernandez posted this 11 July 2022

Well, these gentlemen continue to release firmware without solving our problem. This shows if you are a great brand or not. I sent a report in February 2022 and they haven't even bothered to answer. I will never buy this brand again.


Art Bell posted this 16 January 2023

This was our 11th Promise RAID  and we have the exact Same problem. First one with it. 

More importnalty support from Promise has basicly become non existant. We are going to put a kill switch on the power supply to not wear it out. 

How does a company go so fast from making the best in class produts devolve to having the worst in the industry Customer Support? Any more - we don't buy anything techincal from a vechicle to a RAID for its specs - we only buy Service. I feel scared to death that for 8 years i have leveraged our film produciton company storage on a supplier that is now spending its resources covering its ass instead of understanding a happy clent tells everyone else they are happy with a particual product. 


John Bergin posted this 16 July 2023

This fan problem persists as of July, 2023. I am also experience it.

Upon Mac shutdown, the R6 smaller fan continues to run. The only way I can make the fan stop is by disconnecting power from the R6. The R6 is using newest firmware dated 2023/04/11. If I eject the R6, then power the unit off prior to Mac shutdown the smaller fan will turn off, but the next time I start the Mac up, the R6 will NOT turn on automatically. I am connecting to the R6 via Thunderbolt and I am using an M2 Ultra Mac Pro, with OS 13.4.1

If there is anyone from Promise on this thread, can you tell us if the firmware will ever be updated to fix this problem? It's not a terrible inconvenience to eject the R6 before shutting down, but it seems odd that the unit won't turn back on automatically. In short: the unit is not acting as it is supposed to and that is worrisome.

Brad Baker posted this 03 February 2024

Same problem here.  Tried everything.  Only way to stop the fan is to pull the plug out the back.  Highly annoying.

John Bergin posted this 19 February 2024

Still no fix. The only way to make the smaller R6 fan turn off after shutdown is to cut power to the unit OR manually eject the RAID before shutting down your computer (but if you do this, the R6 will NOT turn on and mount automatically on your next startup. You'll have to power it on manually and it will then mount). I've been doing the first option these past 7 months, waiting for a firmware update to fix this. Doesn't seem likely.

Not a terrible inconvenience to cut power to the R6 after I shut down my computer. Easy to imagine setups where that could be a difficulty, though.

This is my experience with a new M2 Ultra Mac Pro running OS 13.5.1. Same issue running Sonoma on a Mac Studio.