Pegasus32 R4 - Will not mount/showup after reboots

  • Last Post 22 March 2024
John Felske posted this 22 March 2024

Good Day - I have an interesting occurance happening and seeing if anyone else has something similar. 

Here is my setup:

Mac M1 Max running Sonoma 14.2.1

Pegasus32 R6 connected directly to M1 with Thunderbolt 3 (or 4) cable. Connected to the R4 is my R4 that will not mount after a reboot or shutdown when it is connected to the R6. If I connect the R4 directly to my M1 it mounts and shows up as expected. 

If I unplug the thunderbolt 3 (or 4) able from the R4 and plug back in, it boots up and mounts as expected. 

Both R6/4 are running 6.06.0000.42 FW. 

Outside this unexpected annoyance, not seeing any other issues. 

I have tried multiple TB cables and I see no change in the situation. 

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R P posted this 22 March 2024

Hi John,

Be advised that the front ports on the Mac Studio Max are USB only. I'm not sure if the Pegasus USB implimentation supports USB daisy-chaining. The USB3.x spec does support USB daisy chaining, but with some limitations.

Regarding firmware, 6.06.0000.42 was never a release firmware,but 6.04.0000.42 was a release. Please load the current release firmware.



John Felske posted this 22 March 2024

Apologies I had a type-o Firmware on both are 6.06.0000.45 (current). 

R6/R4 are in fact plugged in rear of the Mac Studio in proper Tunderbolt supported ports in a chain. All rear ports are Thunderbolt 4.

If I seperate the chain where the R6 and R4 are plugged directly into the M1, no issue of them both mounting properly. However if in chain, R4 dose not mount. It powers up. shows a TB connection but will not mount.