Pegasus32 R4 / Replacing drives to 14TB / RAID5

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Data Wrangler posted this 2 weeks ago


I've recently bought the Pegasus32 R4 with 4x4TB drives. I like it, but 16TB aren't enough. So I am gonna upgrade with 4 Toshiba MG07TE 14TB drives.

Here comes the thing: I get them just before I need the RAID for a new job - which I need the higher capacity for - otherwise I wouldn't take the risk of changing a running system. Long story short: Has anybody experience in matters of how much time it takes to initialize 4 14TB drives and create a new array?

Thank you so much for your help and happy new year.

P.S. Another thing that came up: What about the block/stripe size? I'm gonna store Video Data on it and there's gonna be barely files with less than 5GB. I am wondering if it makes sense to use something like 1MB or to stay safe with 256 or 512kb...

Ranjith kumar posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Data Wrangler,

As per compatibility list of Pegasus32, it support upto 18TB of each drives.Use below 

link to download the compatibility list:

For creating new array and intialization of the drive, it will take few minutes. Use below kb link

as reference for creating new array and initialization:

 Going with default block/stripe size is fine, but if you looking for video editing, then suggest

you to contact your video editing software support to get information on it.


Promise Team