Pegasus32 R4 / Replacing drives to 14TB / RAID5

  • Last Post 06 January 2021
Data Wrangler posted this 02 January 2021


I've recently bought the Pegasus32 R4 with 4x4TB drives. I like it, but 16TB aren't enough. So I am gonna upgrade with 4 Toshiba MG07TE 14TB drives.

Here comes the thing: I get them just before I need the RAID for a new job - which I need the higher capacity for - otherwise I wouldn't take the risk of changing a running system. Long story short: Has anybody experience in matters of how much time it takes to initialize 4 14TB drives and create a new array?

Thank you so much for your help and happy new year.

P.S. Another thing that came up: What about the block/stripe size? I'm gonna store Video Data on it and there's gonna be barely files with less than 5GB. I am wondering if it makes sense to use something like 1MB or to stay safe with 256 or 512kb...

Ranjith kumar posted this 06 January 2021

Hi Data Wrangler,

As per compatibility list of Pegasus32, it support upto 18TB of each drives.Use below 

link to download the compatibility list:

For creating new array and intialization of the drive, it will take few minutes. Use below kb link

as reference for creating new array and initialization:

 Going with default block/stripe size is fine, but if you looking for video editing, then suggest

you to contact your video editing software support to get information on it.


Promise Team