Pegasus32 FAN running at 2400 rpm and so annoying

  • Last Post 03 November 2020
Dennis Levens posted this 02 November 2020

Never had an issue with Pegasus2, I had two of the R6, upgraded one of them to the Pegasus32 R6 and this thing is so loud. I thought I had a lemon and RMAd the device but the replacement does the same thing. My Pegasus2 runs at 1200 RPM but the Pegasus32 runs at 2400 RPM. I assume this is normal for you all? The controller temp seems to be the issue. Pegasus2 sits at 54 c with 1200 RPM fan but the Pegasus32 sits at 80 c with 2400 RPM. 

Anyone found a solution to this? I use this in my office and the constant fan noise is becoming an issue. 

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Ranjith kumar posted this 03 November 2020

Hi Dennis,

Kindly reach us through with subsystem report to verify the issue and help you

on this.

Thank you,


Promise Team

Dennis Levens posted this 03 November 2020

Hi Ranjith, 


As I said I have already replaced this under RMA and it made no difference. The Pegasus32 runs much hotter than the Pegasus2 and the fan is running at double the RPM to keep the controller cool enough. Unless you have modified the unit or updated the fan I see no point in going through this again with Promise.