Pegasus3 R8 Max TB Can Use / Serial # in Utility app says N/A / Cant log into account in Utility App

  • Last Post 24 January 2023
Dan Kavanaugh posted this 21 January 2023

So 3 things - 

1. Whats the max amount of TB's I can put into this model Drive? Any hard drive recommendations that are reliable?

2. In the promise Utility App, in the Sub System Menu, my seial number for the unit shows N/A. Below that it states - Note : If the value for the "Serial Number" is N/A, please look up the Serial Number label under the Pegasus chassis. The Serial Number should be 12 digits long.

Ok, so how can I add the Serial Number into the Utility app and get rid of N/A?

3. Within the Utility App drop down menu of Admin/Product registration, I cannot sign into my account to register. A grey box pops up when i hit the sign in button, and within the box all that shows is the words sign inwith a letter icon. and an x to close out this grey box. How do I sign in form this menu?



R P posted this 24 January 2023

Hi Dan,

1. Please check the compatibility list, it lists drives that have been tested with the Pegasus 3.

2. It's not clear what's causing this, what version of the Promise Utiltiy are you using? It might help to update to the latest version.

3. This may also be due to using an older Promise Utiltiy, but you can always login to the support site if needed.