Pegasus3 R6 - CRC check error for flash image

  • Last Post 06 April 2020
Jeremy Pollock posted this 03 April 2020


I've got a Pegasus3 R6 running on my PC.

I've downloaded the latest firmware R_SI_60400000035.img
When I navigate to Admin> firmware update and choose the file and hit next, I get a red warning "CRC check error for flash image" I've tried firmware update R_SI_604000018.img with the same results.



R P posted this 06 April 2020

Hi Jeremy,

First, there is probably no need for a firmware update.

But if the Promise Util is not working, try the CLI. Type 'promiseutil' in a terminal to start the CLI.

I don't have a Pegasus3 handy for reference, but I recall the command is...

ptiflash -f [path to img file]

The simplest way to enter the full path to the img fille is to drag the img file from the finder to the CLI, the path will be inserted.

Standard warnings apply, if the power is removed during the firmware update then bad things will happen. It can take several minutes.