Pegasus3 R6 can use SSD in Raid 50?

  • Last Post 05 March 2024
JONATAS GOULART SALOMÃO posted this 02 March 2024

Hello, recently a Toshiba HD in my R6 had a problem. I decided to buy 6 SSD RED WD Model WDS400T1R0A. My Raid is currently set up in raid 50 with 6 Toshiba HDs of 4T each. My question is: Does raid 50 work with this SSD model? I bought exactly the SSD model that Promise recommends for 4T. Thank you in advance for everyone's help.

R P posted this 05 March 2024

Hi Jonatas,

These SSDs should work.

There are few restrictions on SSDs, one is that you can't mix SSDs with different trim types in an array. But this is not an issue when all the SSDs are the same drive model.