Pegasus3 R6 - Background Activity/Scheduler Defaults?

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Joseph Rivera posted this 24 March 2019


My R6 is running a very slow redundancy check in "background activities" which has been going on for dozens of hours. A Media Patrol and Redundancy Check are both set up in the scheduler (to run daily).

I believe I turned these on when I got the system becasue they sounded important (I haven't owned a managed disk system like this before, so please bear with my ignorance). It looks like I also scheduled them to run on a daily basis (again, my memory is fuzzy, but it sounds like something I'd do thinking it was important).

Was any of that necessary? Should I have clicked "Start" for Media Patrol and Redundancy check? Should I schedule them to run and—if so—how often?

I tried using Reset Factory Defauls for background activities, but it doesn't change the Start/Stop state or scheduling of Background Activties, just the settings. 

I just want to ensure the system is set up to do what it needs to do to keep data safe without some overkill that I unintentionally introduced.


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arunkumar b posted this 27 March 2019

Hi Joseph,

Media Patrol is a routine maintenance procedure that checks the magnetic media on each disk drive. Media Patrol checks all physical drives assigned to disk arrays and spare drives.  Media Patrol checks are enabled by default on all disk arrays and spare drives. Unlike Synchronization and Redundancy Check, Media Patrol is concerned with the condition of the media itself, not the data recorded on the media. If Media Patrol encounters a critical error, it triggers PDM if PDM is enabled.

Redundancy Check is a routine maintenance procedure for fault-tolerant disk arrays that ensures all of the user data is protected correctly by checking data consistency for both parity and mirrored data, while checking the media integrity as well. RC operates on a logical drive basis, and it only works for redundant RAID configurations, which does not include RAID 0. 

Media Patrol and Redundancy check probably  may take 1 or 2 days to complete.



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Joseph Rivera posted this 27 March 2019

Thanks, I understood what they were, my question is: what is the best practice for running them. Should they always be turned on? Do they have to be scheduled to run? If so, how often?

I use the disk for archiving, primarily design and photography files. So I want to ensure the data is safe. I just don’t know how necessary it is to run these processes in the background to ensure safety and—if they are necessary—how often it needs to happen.