Pegasus3 R6 and Macbook Pro - Battery drain out

  • Last Post 17 January 2019
Andrew Wang posted this 15 January 2019

I'm using Pegasus3 R6 with 6 Toshiba 6TB hard drives, connected to Macbook Pro(2017)

during usage of simple file transfer as copying, I notcied the power of Mac is draining, until it's only 3 or 4% and the computer became really slow and jerky.

Why is it consuming so much power? Any way to fix this?

P.S. not just happen to the Mac I'm using, also does to others

PROMISE Technology Inc. posted this 17 January 2019

Hi Andrew,

The Pegasus is powered externally, it does not draw power from the TB cable.

You can check what's draining the battery a few ways, if you click on the battery icon you can select "Apps using significant energy". If this does not help, the Activity Monitor can give more detail. It's located in Applications > Utilities in Mojave. Select the Energy tab and it will show the energy usage of all apps.