Pegasus3 R6

  • Last Post 26 January 2023
Cornelius Qualley posted this 26 January 2023

I'm looking to upgrade my R6 with SSDs instead of spinning stock drives. The most recent compatiability guide "V20.3" seems to have the hard drive compatiability missing. The previous one lists a few drives which are pretty much obselete now, specifically the Samsung 850EVO. I was wondering if the 870EVO would be compatiable, and specifically the 4TB version. If not, any other larger size SSDs? 

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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 26 January 2023

Below are the SSD drives that are compatible and have been tested with Pegasus3


Cornelius Qualley posted this 26 January 2023

Below are what is listed in the 2021 (v2.11) list, is this not correct? Also, when you say "tested" does that mean an 4TB 870EVO could work, or would not work? I have a few different large scale Promise appliances in operation currently, including an E5000 flash array and a few vTrak spinning drive arrays. We only use supported drives in those units, for obvious reasons, but sometimes the drives are incredibly difficult to find since they're obselete. In this application, I'm trying to determine whether the drives listed for the Pegasus3 are just recommended, or if those are the only drives that the firmware will support. That seems unlikely, but I'd rather not by thousands of dollars in SSDs to test.

Also, I really need 4TB SSDs, and the only model listed is the WD 4TB, which I'm not able to source as I'm sure it's been replaced by a newer model.