Pegasus3 Plug and Play?

  • Last Post 10 April 2019
Paul Haring posted this 10 April 2019

To what extent are the Pegasus3 units plug and play? My company is considering going with laptops and external monitors in the office. The laptops would be used sometimes outside the office and then reconnected to the monitor and Pegasus storage. Seems like this could be problematic as far as the hook up sequence and volumes always mounting correctly.  

arunkumar b posted this 10 April 2019

Hi Paul,

Pegasus is a direct attached storage connected to Thunderbolt computer via Thunderbolt cable.You cannot connect a Pegasus to a network.If you really want to access Pegasus volume in the network, you can connect a Pegasus to Mac and create a network share that would accessible over your local WiFi network..Please find the KB article below.