Pegasus3 firmware update not working

  • Last Post 12 January 2022
Robert Hutchings posted this 11 January 2022

I am attempting to upgrade the firmware on my Pegasus3 R4. I am using the Promise Utility to do this, having downloaded the latest firmware update file: version SR3.4.14 (6.04.0000.42) from the Promise support page. Upon  directing the Promise Utility to the downloaded file and starting the update, the utility gives me the warning "invalid flash image".  I am on a new M1 MacBook Pro, using MacOS Monterey. I suspect a corrupted file download. This has happened multiple times. Can anyone confirm this issue or suggest a solution? 

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 11 January 2022

Hello Robert,

Please check if the Promise Utility is up to date before performing the firmware update.

Could you also register the unit and create a websupport ticket so we can investigate further and assist you.



Robert Hutchings posted this 12 January 2022


Thanks for your reply. It motivated me to investigate a little further.

It took a while, but eventually I did find the most up to date version of the Promise Utility for the Pegasus3: Version 4.06.0000.01 (C02) which is in the Download Center in the utilities section. Listed as Promise Utility for Pegasus3. I had been thrown off because the older utility version I was using, mistakenly had reported that that version was the latest version. This turned out to be wrong.

All is good now. The firmware updated properly using the latest version of the utility and the false temperature and voltage warnings I was getting, disappeared. The unit is also now properly registered with No further investigation or assistance needed.

Thanks for steering me in the right direction.


Robert Hutchings posted this 12 January 2022


The latest version of the utility is at the very bottom of the Download Center web page.

It is listed as:

Pegasus3 Series Utility for Mac


R P posted this 12 January 2022

Hi Robert,

Please use the latest Promise Utility, which is in the Pegasus32 section. It is backwards compatible with older Pegasus models.