Pegasus3 as NAS

  • Last Post 28 December 2018
John Kalin posted this 27 December 2018


Trying to setup brand new Pegasus3 R4 as network attached storage so that it doesn't have to be directly connected to my iMac. I bought a Promise Technolofy Thunderbolt 3 bridge so that I could connect the Pegasus3 to my Asus router (located several rooms away, but on the same network) via USB, but no luck.

Is this even possible? Or does it HAVE to be connected to the iMac.

I plan to use the setup for TimeMachine.


arunkumar b posted this 28 December 2018

Hi John,

Pegasus3 with Thunderbolt3 technology is designed for thunderbolt devices and is direct attached storage.

You need to connect the Pegasus to your Mac computer via Thunderbolt cable.

Also Pegasus3 require drivers.Please download and install the driver on your Mac. Here is the link for Pegasus3 Series Driver for Mac