Pegasus2v R4 - Upgrade Harddrives for a bigger Raid

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Markus Pauli posted this 25 September 2021


I have a Problem. 

I upgraded all my 4 Harddrives to bigger ones. They where 2TB each, now they are 4 TB each. 

I changend them each by each and do the Rebuild thing. It took 7 hours per HD.

After i changed all of them i Migrated them all again, (10 hours) so now i still have my complete Data.

Nothing is gone. 

My Phisical Drives are now 4TB each. Disk Array also. Logical Drive 12TB because i have it as Raid5. 


My Problem is now:


Im on Mac, Big Sur.

When i see now the external Drive is Mounted on my Desktop it stll just have a 6TB Promise Raid for my Laptop.

I tryed to change the Partitions, because i can see 6TB is unused. But after i deleted this 6TB unused partiton it  tells me: Error: -5341: MediaKit reports partition (map) too small.


So i googled this one and a found more and more complicated thingsi have to do...


So, is there ANY EASY way to tell my MAC that my updated Promise Raid is now 12TB and not 6TB? 

Is there a button in Promise Utility i can push, who tells my Mac that my Raid is now bigger as it was before?


Thank you for helping me. 



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Markus Pauli posted this 26 September 2021

Ok, i made it by myself. 

After i tried thousend differend things, i did a PRM Reset on my Macbook and then started "Disk Utility" again to fix both Partitions.

I deleted the one that was empty and not in use. For this time there was no error Message like: Error: -5341 MediaKit reports partition (map) too small. 



AND NOW IT WORKS!!!! :))))))


Happy Happy Happy! 


Thank you for reading. 




R P posted this 13 October 2021


We have a process for this now. Please take a look...