I I have an 8 disk array and have seen a significant decrease in throughput with the new M1 Macbook.

I'm using the Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt 2 adapter and have disconnected all other peripherals.

On my former Mac Pro (2013 Trashcan Mac) I typically saw 800mbs from this 8 disk array.

On the new M1 Macbook I am seeing only in the +/- 300-400Mbs


Anyone have any ideas? Is the current driver not optimal? I've been debating swapping this array for something with TB3 but that seems overkill as the TB2 connection at 20Gbs should be enough to satisfy what this array can deliver?


I've also found that the promise utility is problematic. At random, the array disappeared and now I could only get the array to mount by removing the utility


Finally, I have also noticed that Disk Utility takes an unusually long time to populate with information when I attempt to use it. It makes me think that all is not well with the promise driver on these Apple Silicon Macs????