Pegasus2 R8 - BSOD on Windows 10/TRX40 Threadripper

  • Last Post 13 August 2020
Joel Hammar posted this 12 August 2020


I'm getting random BSOD crashes with the reported culprit being Promise Pegasus RAID Controller Driver, stexstpt.sys.

Running on a complelty fresh built Windows 10 machine, TRX40 Gigabyte Designare with a Threadripper 3970x and Thunderbolt 3 (Titan Ridge).

Have anyone experienced similar issues?

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Joel Hammar posted this 13 August 2020

 Hi Ranjith, 

- Yes, I'm using a StarTech TBT3TBTADAP, as the machine has Thunderbolt 3.

- I have, I've even gone as far as to re-format the whole computer. Worth mentioning that when I say random I really mean random, the raid can work fine for a full day before it BSODs or it may BSOD only 10 minutes after system startup. 

I've registered a ticket on the support portal, but I'm not sure if it's eligible for support as it's out of warranty. 

Thanks for the help so far. =)

Ranjith kumar posted this 13 August 2020

Hi Joel,

-Are you using adapter to connect with Pegasus2 R8?

-Have you checked re-installing the driver for Pegasus2 driver?

Please reach us through for quick response.

Thank you,


Promise Team