Pegasus2 R6 Performance getting slower every day

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Manuel Reidinger posted this 07 February 2019



I have a pegasus2 R6 (on Mac) and the same thing is happening to me for the fourth time since I own this RAID and it's making this "Pro"-SAN unusable (working with AVID Media Composer, so there's not a lot of deleting files and creating new ones, but only copying over large Video MediaFiles and audio Files while the Production is shooting the movie and then working off of those MediaFiles):

-(1) The first month(s) everything works just fine, snappy etc.

-(2) First appearance of Beachball during simple copy operations (this time after approx. 2 months)

-(3) Beachball while working in AVID Media Composer (lasting 2sec, duration increasing over time)

-(4) Working in Avid MediaComposer becomes more and more unresponsive (even when setting up a new Project and "hiding" the old MediaFiles) to the point where I'm not able to work on my machine any longer.

-(5) Deleting and Recreating the RAID and Partitions from Scratch, copying over all Files ----> going back to 1

I'm at Step 4...again...which is  super annoying and costing me money, nerves and time (I'm doing Video Editing for a living).

Any help would be appreciated.

BTW: I have 2 Partitions on my RAID (each 5TB, RAID5) and in AJA Speedtest I'm getting lower speeds for my MediaFiles-Partition than for the other one. Why is that? And why do speeds increase when repeating the test? (first test is around 400-500MB/sec, later 800-900MB/sec)?


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Michael Woodfill posted this 10 February 2019

I would turn off Spotlight indexing, assuming your using OS x

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 11 February 2019

Hi Manuel,

Please check the support case # 20190207074456S you have created for further updates.

Thanks !