Pegasus2 R6 not mounting MacBook Pro M1PRo + RazorBlade 14 PC

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David Steinberg posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello, the drive is not mounting anymore. I don't see it via Disk Utility, and on the Mac, I've downloaded the Pegasus Utility, but it won't work; I won't see any device or the app interface come up. I run the latest OS

On the PC with the latest OS the same issue, but Disk Utility could see the drive and everything looks good. I was able to update to the latest Firmware, too. 

Here is the system report from the Mac

THanks in advance for any help. I prefer having the mac to work for design reasons

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David Steinberg posted this 4 weeks ago

I found this here, and it worked (MAC) - since so many seemed to have a similar issue. I had to update my drivers. Voilá, it worked.