Pegasus2 R6 no faults but dead? No connection?

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Alex Johnson posted this 18 January 2020

Hello all.


Has anyone experianced an issue where the Pegasus 2 (R6) just died? I've had this unit for a while running on a Mac Pro 2013 with no issue until today.


I left the machine transcoding footage, when I came back to it a few hours later I had an error in Final Cut 'could not save, disk removed'. - I checked and the Pegasus was randomly unmounted (all lights still blue). No one touched the machine within this time...

Sooo, for the past few hours, I've restarted the Pegasus and Mac countless times. I did manage to get a connection on one occasion. The utility flagged an update. I updated the utility and allowed it to do the firmware update. The drive mounted and all the data was there. I then restarted the mac and its now gone.


The Pegasus now 'boots': -

Fast fan, amber power light, fan slows to normal, 20 seconds later blue power light, all blue HDD lights, thunderbold light is blue.

The Mac doesent mount the drive, pegasus utility doesent see the device. System preferences doesent see the Pegasus as a thunderbolt device. - Same story when connecting to my MacBook pro.


So no errors/bad lights but no connection at all?

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Alex Johnson posted this 18 January 2020



So, as the Mac and Pegasus NEVER move, I dismissed changing cables as a solution. HOWEVER, after swapping cables the Pegasus was picked up straight away by the system...

The 'faulty' cable doesent work with any device ive tried it with. Is it common for a cable to fail like this? The ends were very warm when I was trying other devices...?


Not sure if this issue is resolved or if the Pegasus is frying cables? Ill update over the coming days...

Ranjith kumar posted this 20 January 2020

Hi Alex,

Please reach us through if you still have an issue.

Cable fail is common issue, but if it's getting failed again and again with same setup, then it may be port issue whether it's

on Mac end or Pegasus.


Promise Team