The files stored in my Pegasus2 R6 system are no longer accessible. They used to be accessible via Finder and the Pegasus system also appered as drive/icon on desktop. But not anymore. Don´t know why, I have not used the system for some time so I am not sure when and why this happend.


It is very confusing since the Pegasus2 R6-system still is visible in the Mac "Systems Report" AND Pegasus2 utility for mac also finds it. Please help me solve this. 


Some basic facts:

Computer is iMac 27'' (late 2015) using MacOS Monterey 12,1 (Quad-Core Intel i7 with 64BB RAM).

The iMac using Pegasus2 R6 driver version: V6.2.17

The R6 system is using firmware: SR3.4.4

Pegasus Utility for mac is version: SR4.4.14 


BR Olle