Pegasus2 R6 compatible with WD Red 8/10TB?

  • Last Post 09 June 2023
Florian Singer posted this 06 June 2023

Hey all,

I found multiple compatibility lists, all of them were very old and none had some WD Disk listed.

Are they compatible at all with the Pegasus2 R6? 

I can get some good discount at WD and so far their other products never failed on me (fingers crossed) 

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R P posted this 06 June 2023

Hi Florian,

Promise has only tested the drives listed in the compatibility list.

The SATA spec is very good however, and for the most part a SATA drive can be used anywhere. There are concerns in that the device needs to be able to address the entire LBA range of the drives, and some older storage controllers would only address 2TB or 3TB. 

I have an old Dell Server still in service, when a drive died I tried replacing the failed 1TB drive with a 4TB drive. It errored out. I tried a 3TB drive and that worked, so it seems that the SATA controller could not handle anything larger than 3TB.

That being said, many have posted to the forum that they tried larger drives and that they worked.

Florian Singer posted this 07 June 2023

So first of all what is the most up to date list? I think the latest that I found was 3.2 from 2017. Is there anything newer? Couldnt find a download link besides from some posts in this forum.

And would love to know if anyone tried some WD Disks, in the compatibilty lists are mostly Toshiba etc. 

R P posted this 07 June 2023

Hi Florian,

The closest you can find to a newer compatibility list is the Pegasus32 compatibility list.

While the drives listed have not been tested in a Pegasus2, they have been tested in a newer Pegasus.

Florian Singer posted this 09 June 2023

ah so drives that are compatible with Pegasus32 are also compatible with Pegasus2? :) Good to know, thank you, that list has some way better options.

R P posted this 09 June 2023

Hi Floian,

ah so drives that are compatible with Pegasus32 are also compatible with Pegasus2?

Generally, they should be. The Pegasus all use the same chipset family and design.

But I would be extremely careful about drive size. Just because the Pegasus32 can use 18TB drives does not mean that they will work in the Pegasus 1 or Pegasus 2, They were designed when 1 and 2 TB drives were the largest available and the Pegasus 1 and 2 have never been tested with an 18TB drive. The drive may work, it may not. Try drives much larger than the drives tested in the Pegasus 2 compatibility list at your own risk.

The Pegasus32 compatibility list is the closest to a current Pegasus 2 compatibility list that exists, but we don't guarantee compatibility as none of these drives were in fact tested with the Pegasus 2.

As mentioned previously, many  have posted in the forum that they tried larger drives in the Pegasus1 or 2 and they worked.