Pegasus2 R4 raid5, new physical drive not appearing in list of physical drives

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Bruce Allen posted this 4 weeks ago

I recently replaced drive 2 in a Pegasus 2 R4 Raid 5 with a new drive identical to the original.  I am not able to rebuild the logical drive as the new drive does not appear in the physical drives list.  The contents of this RAID are no longer critical as I was able to transfer all data to a new Pegasus 3 R4 Raid 10 before trying to replace the non functioning drive.  Any suggestions?

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Ranjith kumar posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Bruce,

-Have you checked with another new drive, because drive must list under Physical drive tab of Promise utility if it's good drive.

- What is the light status of new drive?

You can also use below compatability list to verify the drives for Pegasus2:

Kindly reach us through by quick response.

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Bruce Allen posted this 4 weeks ago

Hello Ranjith,

Unfortunately, I only ordered one drive - to replace the defective one.  The new drive is a TOshiba DT01ACA200 (2Tb) exactly as was the 4 original drives in the RAID.  With respect to the light status - I get a single blue light over that drive - not the2 blue lights one normally sees.  The light in the on-off button was also blue.  But, the App does not see the drive - whether all 4 drives are in ... or I unseat drives 1, 3, and 4 (the new drive is in slot 2).