Pegasus2 R4 not mounting after rebuild

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Sang-Kyun Kim posted this 23 September 2022

 I am using pegasus2 R4 with Mac Pro (2019).

There was a problem with one hard disk, and after replacing it with a new one, I successfully completed rebuild using the Promise Utility.

After rebooting both mac and pegasus2, it is not mounted on mac.

In dashboard of Promise Utility, physical drive, logical drive, and disk array are all displayed as normal.

My disk lists using diskutil command.

This is thunderbolt info in system information of my mac.

Port (upstream) is in a connected state (0x2), and port is in an unconnected state (0x7).


The following is the result after executing kextstat command.

skkim@Sang-Kyunui-MacPro /Volumes % kextstat | grep -i stex 

Executing: /usr/bin/kmutil showloaded

No variant specified, falling back to release

   94    0 0xffffff8003473000 0xb000     0xb000     com.promise.driver.stex (6.2.13) AE253556-66D8-38D2-B9D1-179B78F29153 <93 16 7 6 3>


This is extension info in system information of my mac.



I also attach my service report in Promise Utility.

Please solve this problem.


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R P posted this 23 September 2022

Hi Sang-Kyun,

Since the volume is showing in diskutil, there may be filesystem damage, please try the disk repair function in diskutil.

Also the Pegasus has old firmware (5.04.0000.36), mounting issues have been observed with old Pegasus 2 firmware on the latest macOS versions. It is suggested to update to the latest Pegasus2 firmware (5.04.0000.64) linked below. This has fixed mounting issues previously.

Please use the latest Pegasus32 Promise Utility. It is backwards compatible with the Pegasus2 and compiled for the latest macOS.


Sang-Kyun Kim posted this 26 September 2022


I'm trying to install the latest firmware, but it alerts "Could not open disk image, disk image is corrupted" and cannot be installed.

Also, I installed the latest Pegasus32 Promise Utility, and tried to perform a firmware update, but the following error occurred.