Pegasus2 M4 un-mounts when M1 MacBook Pro sleeps

  • Last Post 14 October 2022
Luis Poveda posted this 26 September 2022


Can anyone help?

When my Macbook Pro M1 sleeps my Pegasus2 M4 drive un-mounts.

I have power settings setup in preferences.

Any help woould be welcome.


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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 06 October 2022


  The Pegasus is controlled by the macOS. It instructs it to sleep and wake up at specific times when macOS tells it to. There are lots of people trying to find solutions to problems like this if you browse the boards for Apple and other forums. However, this is a macOS problem.

There is a KB below as to this

You can use the below link to manage the power saving settings.

Luis Poveda posted this 14 October 2022


Thanks for the reply.

I tried the solution in the article but the drive still dismounts when the MacBook sleeps?

Any other ideas?

Thanks so much.