Pegasus2 Compatiblility with macOS 14 Sonoma

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Christian Banfield posted this 25 January 2024


I have the Pegasus 2 R4 - which works fine on my iMac - I am trying to use it on my MacBook Pro M1 running the latest Sonoma.

I searched and found a thread with the topic name as used in my title bar and did all the actions listed - it worked - and then it didn't - I have re-run all the actions, and still won't appear - I tried different ports, different cables, - every workaround I would normally do still no joy. I can't figure out how to add a comment to the other thread, hence starting this new one.

As the other thread was dated November 23 am wondering if there's new routes to solving this problem?

i attach a screen grab of the 3 things I have installed [twice] 


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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 5 weeks ago

Try to reinstall the driver and ensure both the promise utility and firmware are up-to-date. Refer to this kowledge base article for your Pegasus Model: