Pegasus R8 goes really slow. Why and what to do?

  • Last Post 02 September 2020
Marcus Remberger posted this 02 September 2020

Our pegasus has a crittical drive. So we replaced it and did a rebuld. All good. Took about 20h. Then I speed tested it with Black magic disc speed... Not so good the array is just as slow as it was when the faulty drive was out. 

Something like 58MB/s write and 297MB/read.

Then I read on this forum that I possbly needed to run media patrol. That took a good 4 days... It went trough ok... But then when doing a speed check... No improvements. 

So now what do I do. This issue needs to be solved quickly as I lost a week here with no success. 

Does anyone know if Pegasus has a phone suport or such as Im happy to pay to get this solved. As of now this probkem is causing quite big costs for us. 

Marcus Remberger posted this 02 September 2020

Now I also started a redundancy check... I guess that will take another 4 days. F%)#%"%#....