Pegasus R8 goes really slow. Why and what to do?

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Marcus Remberger posted this 4 weeks ago

Our pegasus has a crittical drive. So we replaced it and did a rebuld. All good. Took about 20h. Then I speed tested it with Black magic disc speed... Not so good the array is just as slow as it was when the faulty drive was out. 

Something like 58MB/s write and 297MB/read.

Then I read on this forum that I possbly needed to run media patrol. That took a good 4 days... It went trough ok... But then when doing a speed check... No improvements. 

So now what do I do. This issue needs to be solved quickly as I lost a week here with no success. 

Does anyone know if Pegasus has a phone suport or such as Im happy to pay to get this solved. As of now this probkem is causing quite big costs for us. 

Marcus Remberger posted this 4 weeks ago

Now I also started a redundancy check... I guess that will take another 4 days. F%)#%"%#....