Pegasus R6 Won't Mount and Firmware won't update

  • Last Post 21 September 2021
James Nonneman posted this 17 September 2021

I'm running Mac OS Catalina on a 2017 iMac and having a problem getting my R6 to mount.

I updated Pegasus Utility to the latest version.  I'm attempting to update the firmware to v 5.04.0000.64. It appears to download the firmware, I cycle the R6 off, wait 10-20 seconds and then turn on again, but it doesn't mount on the desktop... and when I check for updates, the same Firmware update pops up.

Thanks for your ideas.

Raghuraman Kannan posted this 21 September 2021

Hi James,

Please uninstall the utility and re-install from the below link.

Then Power OFF the unit and then remove the drives. Boot up the empty unit and launch the utility. Then try to do the firmware update and check. It will work. Once its completed, shutdown the unit and re-insert the drives. Check if its mounted.

If still not working, please download the subsystem report and open a case at for further analysis 

Note : There will be Support charges for troubleshooting if the unit is not under warranty.