Pegasus R6 to Pegasus2 R6, without format?

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sa a posted this 21 December 2021

Hi all

I'm switching from the Pegasus r6 to a Pegasus2 r6 (because the first Version doesn't support Apples newest M1 chips) and would like to ask you guys, if i can put all 6 hard disks in the pegasus2 without formating? Do i still need to format in the new Case, even its pegasus? 

I have all Data online backuped, but to organize a 30TB Harddisk to copy all files from the old case, then format in the new case sounds like a challenge. 

Any advice is welcome, thanks a lot :) 


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R P posted this 23 December 2021

Hi Safak,

The Pegasus1 drives should be recognozed by the Pegasus2. The Volume should mount without issues.

Make sure Monterey is given permission to use 3rd party drivers and that the driver is allowed to run in the Securuty fab of Settings.

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sa a posted this 23 December 2021

thank you so mich for your answer and advise. i more question: 

if the pegasus2 dont recognize the harddisks, worst case what can happen? 

sa a posted this 27 December 2021

for any other people who are in the same situation like me. its workiiiiing. you can just put the harddrives from pegasus R6 to pegasus 2 R6 and it will work perfectly without doing anything :) Thank you for your fast reply.