Pegasus R6 Shuts down when Mac goes to Sleep

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Jon Spurney posted this 3 weeks ago

I recently had to replace one of the drives in my R6.  After rebuilding and updating the firware and driver the R6 now shuts itself off every time my Mac goes to sleep (I'm running BigSur on a MacPro).  As a result I get error messages when the Mac wakes up telling me I should properly eject the R6 before disconnecting it.  The unit didn't act like this before the firmware update -- any idea on how I can stop this from happening?

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Raghuraman Kannan posted this 3 weeks ago

Hi Jon,

Firmware update do not cause these type of issues. This is more like like MAC OS issue which controls the Thunderbolt activity for the external devices.

You can check the below link to know why it happens


Jon Spurney posted this 2 weeks ago

Thanks, Raghuraman -- I appreciate your response.