Pegasus R6 Migration

  • Last Post 16 February 2023
Nicholas Hine posted this 14 February 2023

I want to add a 6TB drive to my Pegasus R6.


Im using 5x6TB drives at the moment in RAID5, can i add one and expand the RAID5 from 24TB to 30TB while keeping it RAID5? Or do i need to delete and start again? Currently i have no data on it but id rather not rebuild it if possible...

R P posted this 16 February 2023

Hi Nicholas,

Yes, you can add another drive to a RAID5 array.

This is done with the migration feature. It is found in Background Tasks in the Promise Utility. It can also be done from the CLI.

If you are using macOS then there are some issues. Disk Utility won't expand the filesystem beyond the original size of the disk/LUN. If you uncrease the size of LUN, disk utility won't expand the filesystem to use that extra space. There are ways to do this from the CLI, we have a KB on it, take a look and decide if this is something you want to try.

In this case you won't do the rebuilding, but the steps to make macOS use the extra space are the same.

One more point is that a migration can take a long time to complete.

If you have no data it would be much faster and simpler to delete the existing array and create a new one with the extra drive.