Pegasus R6 Hard Crash running Ventura 13.1

  • Last Post 08 February 2023
Kohong Chen posted this 07 February 2023

I am getting a hard crash when trying to mount my Pegasus R6. It used to work fine as before the update. I should be running the up to date drivers (v6.2.17). Any help would be much appreciated! I am in the middle of a project.


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Babatunde Akinkuolie posted this 08 February 2023

Please load the latest Pegasus 32 M1 user space driver if it is an M1 MAC. It is backwards compatible with the Pegasus.

Please note that the latest Pegasus  firmware will be required for use with an M1 MAC or there will be disconnect issues.

This is Service Release 3.0.2, firmware version 5.02.0000.98 which is the latest version.

You will need to use an older promise utility version to install the firmware if available