Pegasus R6 Dead Drive replacement

  • Last Post 21 April 2020
Adam Macks posted this 21 April 2020

Hi everyone, I have sourced and inserted a repalcement Hitachi drive for my 12 TB R6 array. However, the disk is not being included in the array and I am not entirely sure as to how to correct reconfigure the drive to bring the array back to a healthy state.

I have changed the status of the drive from PassThru to Unconfigured, but dont know what to do next.

Can any give a pointer to what I need to do, or let me know what section and manual I need to look at for this task? Thanks.

R P posted this 21 April 2020

Hi Adam,

If you open the Promise Utility, you should be able to start a rebuild from Background Tasks.

If you can't find that, open a terminal and type 'promiseutil' to enter the CLI.


array -v

and post the output here and I will give you the CLI command to start a rebuild.