Pegasus R4i on MacPRO: Shrinking logical volume to create one more

  • Last Post 25 February 2021
Greg Christopher posted this 09 February 2021


    I am trying to get my new R4i to change from one logical drive to two.

    The reason why is that some software like VMware really doesn't understand mac ... or any other for that matter... partitioning schemes. It really needs a separate drive to operate on. I plan to store the VMFS file system on one logical drive.

     I have barely put anything on the drive now except for 4 machines' worth of time machine backups- about 4 terabytes worth of stuff. It would be advantageous to know if I can do this.

     Here is what I tried:

-Went into Background Activities (this is not really intuitive).
-Authenticated, and clicked on the Migration activity's "Start" button.
-Selected the only disk array from the pulldown list- DA0
-After many attempts figured out how to select all the physical drives in the drawing by dragging the mouse over them- the selection indicator of course wildly varying from the actual picture of the drives. But I think I selected all of them.
-Clicked next, then clicked the checkbox next to "0".
-Clicked the box under "Expand" (but my goal is to contract. That is not an option here)
-Pulldown for target RAID level is RAID0, even though I want to retain "RAID5". Oh well.
-In capacity I attempt to change 24 to 20. When I tab out of the entry field it resets it to 24 with no error messages.

At this point I stop. For some reason the only choice I am getting is to lose redundancy by moving to RAID0.

I saw a link to another thread for someone with a similar issue here:

Unfortunately, those folks decided to upload a log and continue the discussion privately, or so I am guessing. Posting the answer probably would have prevented this question.

To say the least the usability is hurting between hiding the activity under background activities, the slection scheme, etc. I just want to figure out if it's possible before I have to figure out a way to copy the 4TB to another drive and start from scratch.

Greg Christopher posted this 25 February 2021