Pegasus R4i Max on MacPRO using BootCamp

  • Last Post 09 February 2021
Bala Ragothaman posted this 08 February 2021

Is Pegasus R4i  compatible with Windows 10 on MacPro using Bootcamp?

The R4i  installed fine and is accessible via the Utility via Mac (with no logical drive). But on the windows side of things, the pegasus utility does not discover the R4i.

I was hoping to create a logical drive and format it as ExFAT to be accessible to both my windows and MACOS. 

Any advise?

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Greg Christopher posted this 09 February 2021

I am trying to figure out the same. My advise would be to try it and let us know. My challenge is getting a second logical drive right now.

The problem with bootcamp here will be the bootcamp assistant. It is really stupid. Based on my understanding, it can ONLY take a logical drive partitioned with GUID and shrink the APS Volume to add a second partition. So to make that work, you would need to install big sur or catalina onto the logical drive, then run bootcamp from that logical drive.

My kingdom to explain how I can create a second logical drive by shrinking the first one that it came with.

Greg Christopher posted this 09 February 2021

I forgot to mention one experiment I did:

I decided to see if I could boot Catalina from the R4i by using CCC to create a copy of my Mac OS Catalina onto a partition in the R4i.


So I was able to boot from Catalina on the pegasus. 

The challenge for bootcamp, really, will be getting a Mac OS partition in there that the bootcamp assistant will "like".

My guess is that the partition needs to be near the end of the partitions for that logical drive. But it could be at the beginning.  If it's easy for you to create a "logical drive" just for this purpose, that's what I would do. You can always reclaim catalina or big sur's space from that logical drive later.

If you get stuck this article may help you figure out the direct diskutil commands to make the partition:

However, if you don't let bootcamp make the partition including a temporary one to hold the modified windows ISO image with bootcamp drivers... you probably won't succeed.

Also note that my catalina bootcamp attempt on Mac pro failed, while the big sur one succeeded. I actually ended up creating a big sur install in a new partition to nudge bootcamp to work.

Good luck!