Pegasus R4/R6 Utility - Request for 64 bit App for Big Sur

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william keene posted this 22 November 2020

Hello Promise Technology,

I love your Pegasus R4 and understand that it is an EOL product now, and you no loger give suppport for it. But there are years of use left in this great device! I wish to compile your 32bit Utility App into a 64 bit App to use with Big Sur. 

Is there any chance that you could either compile a 64 bit app for us? If not, would you consider releasing the code so that we may compile for ourselves?

Thank you for your time.

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Ranjith kumar posted this 24 November 2020

Hi William,

Have you tried existing version of Promise utility in our website, it may work with BigSur:

Please reach us if through for further assistance.

Thank you,


Promise Team

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william keene posted this 24 November 2020

Hello Ranith,

Thanks for your helpful reply. I have renamed this thread to make things easier to understand for those wanting to progress to Big Sur with a Legacy/EOL Pegasus device. 

The Legacy device download items are old on the main Promise website, and indeed were the ones I was using. The utility was giving me 32 bit warnings in the Console- Errors and Faults section on Catalina. The old utility app obviously is not to going to work on Big Sur, hence my request for a 64 bit app.

Your link from above presented here:

Changed the game. It works on Catalina with no 32 bit warnings, so will try on Big Sur and report back if it works. Additionally, your new app downloaded and installed a firmware flash for my R4; something the old app never did. Now everything is working better than ever... on Catalina anyway.



william keene posted this 24 November 2020


The Pegasus R4 works great with Big Sur and Time Machine! But one should download the 64 bit Utility App Here:

Thanks again for your help Ranith.