Pegasus 32r4 makes an annoying electronic sound.

  • Last Post 12 August 2020
Jim Fairchild posted this 10 August 2020

My Pegasus 32r4 makes an annoying electronic sound. I can't find in the manual what is the purpose for the sound nor how to turn it off.

Can anyone explain how to disable the sound? (I have a 2019 iMac computer if that helps.)

Thanks, Jim

Ranjith kumar posted this 12 August 2020

Hi Jim,

To turn off the beep sound:

-Click Dashboard icon, then click controller link.

-Click Device menu, Choose Component list

-Mouse Over and click the buzzer, then click Setting button.

-Uncheck the enable Buzzer box to disable the buzzer.

-Click Save button.

If you see any abnormal status on the Promise utility, kindly get the subsystem report

and create a web support case at to help you.


Promise Team