Hi, I purchased this Pegasus 32 a year ago and didn't used it at all. Now, I'd like to transfer all my work to this raid system, but I want to confirm two things.

What is the best software that I'm using on my Mac for this device?

Can I have password protected/encrypted access to these drives through this utility?

I remember when I purchased it, there was two softwares I had installed on my computer, one looked pretty dated, and another one was lack features, and as much as I can remember there was no password protection option. It was a bit confusing, and I didn't have time to setup this properly, so I tried it very briefly, and it was disconnected, and sitting under my desk since then.

Now, I have new computer and I want to start fresh, but encryption is imporant to me. My Mac is encrypted and password protected, so I expect the same from my external drives.