Pegasus 32 R8 112TB - Slow Read Speeds via Thunderbolt 3

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Eric Wise posted this 4 weeks ago


The read speeds on my Pegasus 32 R8 are much slower than write speeds. (WRITE: 1407 MB/sec - READ: 506 MB/Sec). The R8 is formatted RAID 5, so that gives it a capacity of 98TB and I have roughly 20TB free. Also, I made sure to set the cache in the Logical Drive to ReadAhead/WriteBack in the Promise Utility but the read speeds are still much slower than the write speeds. Any ideas?



MacPro (2019)

2.7 Ghz 24-Core Intel Xeon W

192 GB RAM

MacOS 10.15.7

Promise Utility 4.04.0000.42 (C05)


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Gautham Sakthi posted this 4 weeks ago

Hi Eric,

If there is any error with the drive it can cause a performance issue, did you get any alerts/events information for any drives recently?

It will easier for us to troubleshoot if we can have a case registered so please visit then create a web support ticket, attach a subsystem report to the case so we can investigate further.

Eric Wise posted this 3 weeks ago

No, I did not receive any get any alerts/events information for any drives recently. Ok, I'll set up a support ticket now. Thanks.