Pegasus 32 R6 no longer shows up in Finder

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Bob Mann posted this 11 March 2024

I've recently upgraded my M1 Mac-Mini to macOS Sonoma 14.4 but my Pegagus 32 R6 no longer displays under fFnder, though my 2 x SSD's show up fine.

I've tried to follow guidance on several webs sites to resolve my problem but I still can't fix it. I'm no IT expert just the usual amatuer...

Using the Promise Utility App the dashboard "Event Information" shows, "The system is started (Thunderbolt)".

Can anyone please provide any update help.

Many thanks


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R P posted this 11 March 2024

Hi Bob,

If you can see the Pegasus 32 in the Promise Utility then the Thundebolt connection is fine and the driver is loaded and working.

Check if the Pegasus is seen in Disk Utility. If it shows and is not mounted, try manually mounting the Volume (it's an option in the pulldown menu if the Pegasus device on the left). If it does not mount try running the Disk Utility's First Aid.

Bob Mann posted this 14 March 2024

Many thanks for your response Richard - apologies but I have only just spotted it.

For the past few days I have been trying several things and, I didn't think that anything had improved until I saw your response.

The drive is now mounted according to Disk Utility (reloaded drivers etc.) - as it offers me the option to "Unmount".

However, despite me restarting my M1 Mac Mini & the Promise drive it fails to show in 'Finder', just a couple of external SSDs. Therefore, I can't see it in Finder to access / drag and drop files etc.

Have you any further advice you can offer?

Kind Regards





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R P posted this 18 March 2024

Hi Bob,

Please download a service report, zip it (compress in macOS), and attach it to your post.

If the Pegasus is OK as it seems to be, then there is still a filesystem issue. It is possible for a damaged filesystem to mount, depending on how badly it is damaged.

Please run First Aid one more time. If that does not work, then you may need a more powerful tool. The go-to tool for fixing macOS filesystem issues has been disk warrior. It is not free, but it gets the job done. Be advised that it does not work on APFS yet, but their website says that they are working on it.

Bob Mann posted this 19 March 2024

@R P

Hopefully the files have reached you.  However, I've just checked the drive itself and it says it is not mounted. I have attached a First Aid response showing it failed.  Help!



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R P posted this 19 March 2024

Hi Bob,

I don't see anything wrong with the Pegasus or the drives.

You'll need to use filesystem repair software like Disk Warrior.

Hervé Marandon posted this 21 March 2024

@ Bob


I don't know if this following will help, but in case of ..

Which File System was used to format this Logical Drive (you can observe this info in Disk utility) ?

Bob Mann posted this 21 March 2024


Thank you for assisting me. Apologies but I can't find a tab to acch files/documents etc. So here goes:

Promise Pegasus32 R6 Media: SAS External Physical Disk - GUID Partition Map

--- then drop down aspect:

Pegasus32 R6: SAS External Physical Volume - Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

 ***** tab appeared after i had posted - hope it helps ******





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Hervé Marandon posted this 21 March 2024

Ok Bob, that's just what i wanted to know.

So no more advice than R P suggested :


Hi Bob,

I don't see anything wrong with the Pegasus or the drives.

You'll need to use filesystem repair software like Disk Warrior."


Hope it will help you.

Hervé Marandon posted this 5 weeks ago

@ Bob


If i well understand to clarify situation :

1°) Rebooting with Pegasus 32R6 powered-on doesn't change anything ?

2° ) Apple Disk Utility sees Promise's drive but can't mount it and running First Aidf can't repair it (as i saw on screenshot you've posted) ?