Pegasus 32 drives readable by a Pegasus 2?

  • Last Post 28 September 2022
Robert Trench posted this 27 September 2022

I have a dead 32/4 and I want to confirm if a Pegasus 2 (four drives) will read the drives from the 32 so I can get the data off them? 

R P posted this 28 September 2022

Hi Robert,

While Promise products are highly backwards compatible, forward compatibility is another thing entirely. So I checked. A 6 drive RAID5 disk set from a Pegasus32 was moved to a Pegasus 2. It worked. The volume mounted and files were OK. For this test the same M1 MAC Mini was used for both the Pegasus 2 and Pegasus 32.

One caution, if using an M1 MAC, you should update the firmware of the Pegasus 2 to the latest version. Unfortunatly, a Pegasus 2 firmware update will fail for CRC errors if done from an M1 MAC with the latest Pegasus Utility. Please use an Intel MAC for the firmware update if one is needed.