Pegasus 3 R8 will not mount

  • Last Post 21 June 2020
Robert Kite posted this 06 June 2020


I have a Pegasus R8 with 10TB Drives that will not mount on my model 8.1 Mac Mini with the 6.2.13 driver

I have replaced the thunderbolt cable a couple times and tried in both ports. 

The device initially starts and the power button turns orange/red - I can then press the button. The drives spin and the button turns blue - But never mounts.

Any ideas?

Ranjith kumar posted this 21 June 2020

Hi Robert,

-Are you able to access the Promise utility?

-Try with shutdown of the unit, mark the drives, remove all drives one by one and then power on the unit.
Once power light status turn blue, then insert drives one by one, after instering all drives, verify whether volume

get's mount or not.

Note:If you get any prompt like accept incomplete array after instering drives, then don't click any option. Get the subsystem report

and reach us through to assist you further.


Promise Team