pegasus 3 R6 Power button Status LED does not light up

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朝 张 posted this 3 weeks ago


I have a pegasus 3 R6. The power button does not light up, the thunderbolt 3 Link LED does not light up, the function is missing, the Drive power status LED is on, and the Drive Activity LED is on. Disk reading and writing appear to be normal, and other functions also appear to be normal. How can I solve this problem?

Has anyone had any experience with this?

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R P posted this 3 weeks ago


It seems likely that the power button LED has failed.

I have a Pegasus1 in the lab with the same problem.

We have no means to repair the power button LED.

It's mostly cosmetic, if a drive fails the drive light will turn red and the buzzer will go off, you won't have to depend in the power button LED for status. The Promise Utility can be used for everything else.