Pegasus 2 R8 Win10 Motherboard Compatibility

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Keith Southern posted this 11 September 2020

Hi, Hoping someone can give me some advice here.

I have a exFat formatted Peg2 R8 raid drive (8x4TB). This drive works fine on Mac OS but not on a new Win 10 PC.

The PC has an Asus WS Z390 Pro Motherboard with an Asus ThunderboltEX 3 card installed. 

The documentation for the R8 states that an Asus Z87-Deluxe/Quad motherboard is the only compatible Asus motherboard. 

I'm assuming this means that I won't ever be able to connect the R8 to the PC?

When I try connecting by Thunderbolt 2 cable nothing happens. Drivers, utilities for both PC and R8 are installed and the latest versions. 


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R P posted this 11 September 2020

Hi Keith,

This seems to be a compatibility issue between Windows and macOS, not a Pegasus issue per se.

The general consensus seems to be that Windows cannot read an exFAT partition created with macOS, but macOS can read an exFAT partition created by Windows.

So the solution is, if you have any files on the Pegasus, copy them off, take the Pegasus to the Windows machine and reformat as exFAT from the Disk Management tool.

Some other solution are presented here.


  • Go to computer management and right click drive in question, mark as active and then assign a drive letter. After which, Windows might ask to run a scan and fix, do this and it will work.
  • When formatting exFAT in Windows 10 from Disk management. It formats the exFAT using Allocation unit size of 2048 kilobytes. If you right click on the drive and reformat the exFAT using allocation 1024 kilobytes then it will work in MacOS

It's also possible that the solution depends on which version of Windows and macOS you are using.

Keith Southern posted this 12 September 2020



Thanks for the reply. The file system is certainly going to be an issue but my query was more about the motherboard compatibility. If this drive is incompatible with the pc motherboard then it won't matter what file system is used. When i connect the raid drive the pc through the Asus Thunderbolt card, it doesn't show up anywhere. The promise utility shows nothing, the device management list doesn't show anything. I would at least expect an error or wrong format message from the OS if it could at least see the drive. So I'm really trying to find out how concrete the technical manual information is. Will this drive work ok with other motherboards that aren't listed, or am I wasting my time trying to make this work. 


R P posted this 14 September 2020

Hi Keith,

The Windows driver for the Pegasus2 has been updated in March of this year, but only the equipment listed in the compatibility list has been tested. Anything not on the list may or may not work. I have an HP Z1 with TB ports that I have done some testing with, I don't think it's on the list. The Pegasus32 was detected and worked fine. I did not test with earlier Pegasus versions. Also this was a few Windows 10 versions back though (1809?), Windows updates have been known to break things.

Have you checked that the TB and Pegasus2 drivers are loaded and working? The device manager should be of help here.