Pegasus 2 R8 since a blackout no longer completes the startup

  • Last Post 04 December 2023
Davide Cerati posted this 03 December 2023


I have a Pegasus 2 R8. Since a blackout, the disk no longer completes the startup. I press the power button, and it lights up in orange. The startup procedure seems fine as the button turns blue. However, it shuts down completely within a few seconds, even before appearing on the desktop. Please don’t tell me the solution is to change the unit because I have 20 TB of important data on it that I can’t afford to lose.


It’s unacceptable that Promise doesn’t provide support for its products, even if they’re a few years old. These disks contain crucial data for customers who will never buy from Promise again and will spread negative publicity.


I hope to find a solution


R P posted this 04 December 2023

Hi Davide,

Blackouts often involve large voltage spikes that can destroy electronic devices, brownouts are even worse. This is why it's a good idea to connect electronics to the power through surge suppressor.

It looks like in this case it might be the power supply that was damaged. But it's hard to tell how much damage was done.

You can replace the power supply or the enclosure, but the enclosure is the best bet. The data on disk is probably fine. Unfortunately Promise has no replacement parts available.

The Pegasus 2 is long out of production and it did not fail, it was damaged by the blackout. Had a surge protector been used it would probably be fine.


EDIT: To clarify, if you place the drives from the non-booting Pegasus into a powered off new enclosure (any Pegasus model will work), then when you boot that Pegasus all the existing data should be online and accessible. As long as the disks were not damaged in the blackout that is.