Pegasus 2 R6 (random un-mounts)

  • Last Post 19 December 2022
Zeph Van Allen posted this 17 December 2022

I have a Pegasus2 R6 and it repeatedly unmounts after a reboot, it won't stay mounted, any suggestions?


I’ve installed SR3.4 ( & SR3.4.14 (1.0.5) on a laptop running Ventura 13.1 with chip set M1 Max, I believe the firmware is up to date. Connected via USB-C with a converter cable.

Any help is appreciated...

R P posted this 19 December 2022

Hi Zeph,

As I just responded to a similar issue if you don't mind I will reuse that comment...


We suggest using the Pegasus user space driver with Ventura or Monterey. Please use the Promise Utility and driver from the Pegasus32, they are backwards compatible with the Pegasus2.

This DEXT driver should be used.

Note that installing this driver will delete the kernel space driver.

The Pegasus 2 firmware was updated in 2020, the latest firmware should be used. But there is an issue with the latest Pegasus32 Promise Utility and it will not update Pegasus2 firmware. But a slightly older Pegasus Utility will work.

Please use this Promise Utility (v4.06.0000.01).

To update with this Pegasus2 firmware (v5.04.0000.64).

Without the latest firmware the Pegasus2 will experience random disconnects and failure to reconnect after a reboot.