Pegasus 2 R6 - RAID0

  • Last Post 12 May 2022
Tim Stollery posted this 10 May 2022

Shout out for some assistance!

I have a Pegasus 2 R6 which was working beautifully, then it suddenly reports that 4 of the 6 x 4TB drives are dead (red lights)? All the drives fire up great and sound like they are fine (no unusual clicking sounds).

I 'think' this unit was formatted as RAID 0 - taking advantage of the full 24TB of storage. Dangerous I know!

My questions...

• Will the RAID set become dead if the drive bays are inadvertantly swapped, for example, all drives removed and then not put back where they originally were? This may have happened.

• Can I run this unit on Big Sur or Monterey (on an Intel Mac) - if so what version of the Promise Utility should I be running (the Promise Download centre is SO confusing)?

• What is the latest firmware for this unit and IF I can get the Promise Utility running will it tell me which firmware the unit is currently running on?

• Will the Promise Utility report what RAID level the drives are formatted with?

• Are there some terminal commands that I can restart or verify individual drives with? - I have seen posts in this forum referring to various additional terminal commands which appear to offer more features than the Promise GUI will.

Please someone help! There's some really really important personal memories on this unit that just cannot be replaced - if I can get to this data it will be copied off immediately!

Gautham Sakthi posted this 12 May 2022

Hello Tim,

Please open a case at with the Service Report. We will check the report and will advise on next steps.

Steps to save the subsystem report:

1) Open Promise Utility.

2) Click subsystem information icon on the top of the window.

3) Click the lock symbol on the left bottom corner of the screen to unlock the utility.

4) Click on save service report button to save the subsystem report and attach it to the case Thanks !