Pegasus 2 R6 - HDD Slot disappeared after failed drive rebuild

  • Last Post 25 February 2022
Daniel Pook posted this 25 February 2022

Hi, I've had a dead drive in my Pegasus 2 R6 so I bought an identical new one ( TOSHIBA DT01ACA / 2TB) to replace it in my RAID 5 configuration. All went fine until the rebuild process "stopped internally" and the error notes read the new drive had been ejected - which was not the case. My RAID 5 configuration still shows yellow error signs (degraded) next to Disk Array and Logical Drive symbols. But if I check the Physical Drive section, it suddenly only lists  5 HDD slots with the one missing where the dead drive was located previously.

I've updated the Promise Utility software via website (new install, 4.06.0000.03), got the latest firmware installed and run everything on a Mac Pro (Late 2013) with MacOS Monterey (12.2.1) and the latest non-M1-drivers freshly installed. Rebooted my computer as well as the Pegasus 2 multiple times with no luck. Also ejected the new drive, placed it back in, swapped it for the dead one. Still Slot 6 is gone from the list and I can't rebuild or choose any option to get the 6th HDD back into my RAID 5 Array.

Ever since the 6th slot (on the bottom) is gone from the Promise Utility Phsysical Drive List the drive bay itself shows a single regular blue light - no matter if I put the dead drive in (which had a red light before) or the replacement one.

Can't find anything on the forum or by web search on how to re-enable access to a missing slot after failed rebuild attempt - if there's a possibility at all.

Thank you for any help! I've also already opened a support ticket with Promise but don't not sure if I'll hear back or even get a solution since my R6's warranty ran out long time ago.

EDIT: I've ejected all HDDs and put the replacement one into another slot of the R6 (as suggested in this thread). It showed up and I deleted the incomplete Array information to bring the drive back into it's original state before the failed rebuild attempt. When putting it back into Slot 6 the Promise Utility again didn't show the drive at all. Forcing PD6 online via command line in Terminal gave the same error message as stated in this thread ("invalid physical drive id in data buffer"). So I'm assuming there's something wrong with PD6 and maybe my old drive as well as the replacement HDD are actually both all right. But that's just a guess.

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Gautham Sakthi posted this 25 February 2022

Hi Daniel,

Please refer to the case which has been created for further updates.